Useful Links

The Association for Industrial Archaeology is the country's major IA Society.

The Newcomen Society is the world's oldest learned society devoted to the study of the history of engineering and technology.

The European Route of Industrial Heritage,is a network of the most important industrial heritage sites in Europe, from disused production plants to industrial landscape parks and interactive technology museums.

TICCIH is the international organisation for industrial archaeology and the industrial heritage. Its aim is to study, protect, conserve and explain the remains of industrialisation.

E-FAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage, is a platform promoting contacts and co-operation between volunteers and non profit volunteer associations in Europe.

Heritage of Industry is a member of the Trevithick Society which is one of the oldest industrial preservation societies in the UK, taking its name from Cornwall's greatest engineer, Richard Trevithick, a key figure in the development of high pressure steam and its application in engines for mining and transport use.

Heritage of Industry is a member of NAMHO, the National Association of Mining History Organisations whose object is to increase the knowledge of mining history in the United Kingdom and Ireland and to promote it in all its aspects.

Local IA Groups

Berkshire Industrial Archaeology Group aims to encourage a wider appreciation of industrial archaeology and act as a stimulant to the study of the industrial heritage of the English county of Berkshire and its surroundings.

Cuffley Industrial Heritage Society enables the people of Cuffley and the surrounding areas of South East Hertfordshire and North London to pursue their interest in our industrial heritage.

Cumbria Industrial History Society Has a programme of evening meetings, field trips, an annual conference, a regular bulletin and is actively involved in the recording and conservation of important sites in Cumbria.

GLIAS is London's IA Society with an online newsletter and lots more. Essential for Londoners and those interested in London.

Greenwich Industrial History Society concentrates on Greenwich and Woolwich which were major industrial areas. The blog address is a site for publication of papers, research and current news and links to their older paper newsletter.

Hampshire Industrial Archaeology Society is interested in all aspects of Hampshire's Industrial Archaeology. Activities include surveys, restoration and preservation and visits to places of IA interest.

Norfolk Industrial Archaeology Society whose members are brought together by a common desire to find out more of the history and archaeology of Norfolk industry, its products and its remains, and to ensure they are recorded for posterity.

North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology Society  Study the industrial history and archaeology of the north-east corner of Derbyshire and have a series of meetings and publish a journal.

Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group Events and publications related to IA in the Northants region.

Scottish Industrial Heritage Society Aims to bring together people interested in discovering and understanding Scotland's industrial past.

Somerset Industrial Archaeological Society For those interested in all aspects of the industrial history and heritage of the County of Somerset.

Suffolk Industrial Archaeology Society Records industrial sites of interest in Suffolk and has a programme of meetings with a guest speaker and publishes a quarterly newsletter.

Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society Aims to promote the study, recording and preservation of the industrial archaeology of Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull.

Yorkshire Archaeology Society - Industrial History Section The Industrial History Section (IHS) of the YAS promotes and encourages the study and appreciation of Yorkshire’s varied industrial archaeology and history.