AIA Spring Tour
13th - 19th May 2019
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No details are yet fixed but we are working to create an itinerary based on the map below and more!

We don’t know at the moment which of these will be included but the following should give a flavour of the breadth and diversity of sites:
  • Dunaújváros, once called Stalin City, a unique site of communist industrialisation
  • Paks where we may something of nuclear power
  • Pecs where there is coal mining history and the Zsolnay ceramics manufactory. Also the Herend porcelain manufactory is described as a “must-see”
  • There is the Museum of the Hungarian Petroleum and Gas Industry at Zalaegerszeg, which has some amazing displays of large equipment
  • There are Windmills to be seen
  • There is historic automotive engineering at Gyor and we might see modern production there too.
  • Urban Public Transport can be found at Szentrendre
  • There is the former Borsod industrial area in the north of Hungary, sometimes called the Hungarian Ruhr. There are remains of two large iron-making complexes in Miskolc and Ózd, with I’m told "outstanding examples of workers' settlements, coal mines, and power plants and there is an excellent museum of iron-mining at Rudabánya"
  • In Budapest we must visit the Open Air Museum which includes spinning and weaving shops, leather workers’ premises, wind and water mills and limekilns and a floating mill formerly on the Danube
  • We might visit the Foundry Museum and we could ride on the Children’s railway – not a railway for children but a real railway run by children – it’s great fun.
  • And of course we couldn’t go to Budapest without seeing the Chain Bridge.
A few practical details:

We plan to organise 5 days of visits from Tuesday to Saturday. You make your own way to Budapest but, as before, I will make reservations for myself on flights from London on the Monday morning and returning on the following Sunday. I will tell you which flights I’m using and arrange for optional coach transfers to the hotel where we are staying and back at the end of the week.

The last three Spring Tours sold out quickly so if you think you would like to come register interest now to get in the queue and be informed as soon as more information is available.

Bill Barksfield  29th October 2018